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SILKOOL Tomioka Twitter

Account name
We send information about sightseeing of Tomioka City, latest information of SILKOOL Tomioka. Tomioka City Tourist information Twitter (formally).
Operational policy
SILKOOL Tomioka (Tomioka City Tourist information) Twitter operation policy
August 2, 2016
This Article 1 operational policy is intended to establish basic matter necessary to apply SILKOOL Tomioka (Tomioka City Tourist information) Twitter (we say "Tourist information Twitter" as follows.) as reporting medium to tourists.
(definition of term)
In this Article 2 operational policy, significance of term to advocate to each next issue depends on place to establish to each issue concerned.
 (1)Account: Right that we acquired to perform setting, operation of Twitter and user name
 (2)Tweet: Act to post article on Twitter and article that was posted
(operational management)
Manager of Article 3 Tourist information Twitter assumes Tomioka City sightseeing hospitality section manager and performs dispatch of tweet with responsibility of manager.
Account name of 2 Tourist information Twitter assumes "SILKOOL_Tomioka".
(clear statement of person of account operation)
We state account name of Tourist information Twitter clearly as the administration main constituent on the Tomioka City homepage to prevent the spread of false information by Article 4 spoofing.
(clear statement of account operation policy)
We state abstract of this Article 5 operational policy clearly with profile column of Tourist information Twitter.
We perform about Article 6 tweet with extreme caution, but do not guarantee about accuracy, integrity, usefulness of information. About direct indirect loss that occurred by using Tourist information Twitter, Tomioka City shall not take responsibility at all.
Others :
We may change this Article 7 operational policy without prior communication.