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Machinaka Excursion Sightseeing Bus

We operate a "Machinaka Excursion Sightseeing Bus" departing from Tomioka Station East Parking and joiningTomioka Silk Mill via Tomioka Station and Machinaka Community Center.
You can get on and off freely and enjoy a guide of downtown highlights while going around. Please enjoy the charming alleys around the Tomioka Silk Mill.
It is a very convenient bus for those who leave the station for theTomioka Silk Mill.
Service time
From 9:00 to 16:00
One service: First departure from Tomioka Station East Parking at 9:00, departure every 40 minutes the first flight (we plan 10 services a day)
Time required: Approximately 40 minutes (one downtown lap)
Fee :
We charge the passengers 100 yen as guide fee (free of charge for elementary schoolchild and younger) .
We give you a "one day free-ride guide ticket" once you pay the fee. By the presentation of free-ride guide ticket, you can get on and off the bus every time you want on that day only.
Service course
◆Outward trip
Tomioka Station East Parking (departure)> Joshu-Tomioka Station Front Plaza > Miyamotocho-Machinaka Community Center > Nakamachi-Machinaka Community Center > In front of Tomioka Silk Mill

◆Return journey
In front of Tomioka Silk Mill > Ginza-Machinaka Community Center > Nakamachi-Machinaka Community Center > Miyamotocho-Machinaka Community Center > Joshu-Tomioka Station Front Plaza > Tomioka Station East Parking (arrival)

※You can also get on and off elsewhere the stations mentioned above. Please adress the bus driver.
Inside the bus
A Machinaka Volunteer Guide rides with you. This guide will give you information about the alleys around Tomioka Silk Mill, the restaurants, the souvenirs shops, unique experiences and downtown highlights.
Specifications of the bus
The maximum speed: 19 kilometers per hour
Capacity: 10 (driver included)
Length: 4.4 meters
Width: 1.9 meters
Seat: Facing bench type
Service course