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"Rakuraku O-tomi" free rental downtown sightseeing bycicle

Otomichan also recommends "Rakuraku Otomi" downtown sighseeing.
Slopes are not a problem anymore with electric assistance.
We want to extend our journey a little ! We want to make an effective round trip of downtown ! Yes, these bycles are exaclty what you need !.
Procedure is easy. Visit O-Tomichan’House first.
Available time
from 09:00 to 16:30 (available until 15:00)
Fee :
free of charge
Use age limitation
Use is limited to junior high school students and older persons since the bycicles are adult size.
Still, children in elementary shcool can also use them if their parents/guardians judge that they are able to bike safely. (always use bycicles accompanied by an adult)
Instructions of use :
Fill in rental application in O-Tomichan'House Tourist Information Center and show your ID (driver's license, etc.).
Map information