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Access to Momijidaira General Public Park becomes more convenient
-On demand municipal bus on Kuroiwa-Tajino Line

Access to Momijidaira General Public Park becomes more convenient
Momijidaira General Public Park includesTomioka City Art Museum and Gunma Museum Of Natural History on a large site perfect to take a walk.
Below is an introduction of Kuroiwa-Tajino Line on demand bus which offers a convenient access to the park.
On demand municipal bus on Kuroiwa-Tajino Line
From December 1, 2016, Kuroiwa-Tajino Line turns into a on demand type (reservation type) bus.

This bus is widely used as a mean of transportation by local people but, as the Kuroiwa Line also serves Momijidaira General Public Park, it is also used for sightseeing purpose by tourists.

The change we brought this time makes the access to Momijidaira General Public Park more convenient for tourists with sightseeing purposes. Please don't hesitate to use it.

For further information, please see the following related link "[Kuroiwa-Tajino Line] on demand bus".
Main changes
  • Service by reservation (regular route was abolished)
  • Prior user registration (the user submits his/her user registration application) ※No need to registrate for people with sitthseeing purposes
  • Service by reservation (reservation possible within one hour before the departure time of the bus you plan to use)
    ※ If the time for return is fixed beforehand, it is convenient to reserve roundtrip at the same time.
    ※ The bus doesn't run if there is no reservation but you can use it if you adress the person in charge at Joshu-Tomioka Station.
  • Service area includes whole Kuroiwa district and all stations (29 stations except Kuroiwa district)
    ※ It is not possible to get off the bus elsewhere but inside Kuroiwa district and at the designated stations.
  • One-year long service (suspended on New Year's Day)
  • In the case of a ride or get off inside Kuroiwa district, charge is 200 yen per person, 100 yen per person between each station.
  • Departure time from Tomioka Station [7:30, 8:30, 10:30, 11:30, 13:30, 15:30, 17:30]
    ※ As you ride together with many other passengers, you may have to wait for your bus depending on reservation condition, or your bus may arrive late at destination. Please take your time when using the bus.
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