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On-site Equipment and Services

Tomioka Silk Mill On-site Equipment and Services
icon_answer.gifYou can find a shop and a silk gallery. Please take a look at the silk products, souvenirs and books sold in these two places.
icon_answer.gifWe have 7 of them. Please ask a staff member if you need them. You may have to wait as the number of wheelchair is limited.
icon_answer.gifThere is not applicable area. Please use the rest areas located at different places in the mill.
icon_answer.gifWe have them, and they are free of charge. Please ask a staff member if you need them. You may have to wait as the number of wheelchair is limited.
icon_answer.gifYou can visit the mill on rainy day.
icon_answer.gifPlease ask members of staff posted in many places in the mill or call the administration office (0274-64-0005). In addition, AED (automated external defibrillator) have been installed in the administration office, East Cocoon Warehouse and East Cocoon Warehouse.
icon_answer.gifYou can purchase products sold at the shop. Contact the information center at 0274-67-0075 for more detail....
icon_answer.gifEntrance with pets is not permitted. (with the exception of guide dogs and assistance dogs) Please note that carrying pets in pet carriers is also prohibited. For details, please see the Notes page. ※Link to Notes 
icon_answer.gifYou can change diaper by using the baby seat in the toilet located on both sides of the Silk-reeling Plant and the Infirmary. Sorry for the inconvenience, but please adress the magagement office located inside the Inspector's House. ※Map of the site
icon_answer.gifPlease refrain from eating on the facility ground for the protection of cultural properties. Please use restaurants and shops located around the mill. ※To Shopping and Food page
icon_answer.gifRestaurants around the silk mill are listed on the Machinaka Fun Map (in Japanese). ※To Brochure Download
icon_answer.gifWe do guided tours led by a tour guide (pay guided tours available in Japanese). More detailed information here...
icon_answer.gifYou can. The ground is basically paved but there are places with steps as well as unpaved places as it is a former factory. Please be careful. Please check the map of the mill for multipurpose restrooms.