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Tomioka Silk Mill and others
icon_answer.gifBrochures are available for download. ※To brochure page
icon_answer.gifFree Download Pictures are available. ※To Free Download Pictures. You can use the pictures published here freely without application. Please note that you must insert "Courtesy of Tomioka City" when you use these photographs.
icon_answer.gifPlease see the Sightseeing page. ※List of Sightseeing Spots
icon_answer.gifYou don't need to apply for any authorization if you intend to publish pictures for snap photography, SNS or blog as personal memories or enjoyment. You also do not need to apply for permissions when using the photographs as teaching materials at school. However, application is necessary beforehand for sale, distribution or publication in a homepage as commercial purpose. Specifically, please see About photographing permit page. ※To About photographing permit
icon_answer.gifThe Myogi Onsen in Tomioka is a 30-minute car ride from the Silk Mill. Myougi contact plaza "fir tree...
icon_answer.gifPlease refer to the Division of Conservation of Tomioka Silk Mill at 0274-64-0005. We will check your request.
icon_answer.gifYes. Please ask our professional photographer. He will take a group picture for you....