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Personal Information Protection Policy

Privacy Policy
1 Basic policy

Tomioka city takes in consideration the protection of user’s privacy when managing SILKOOL Tomioka [Tomioka city Tourist Information Website] (hereinafter referred as "our site") and tries to process in the most appropriate way the collection, use and management of information in accordance with "Tomioka City ordinance on privacy protection".

2 About personal information

Personal information is the information defined in "Tomioka City ordinance on privacy protection Article 2 second" and it specifically includes information such as full name, address, phone number, e-mail dress, etc. It designates information that could distinguish a specific person.

3 About collection of personal information

When user reads our site, as a general rule, we may not acquire personal information on our site. You can read it freely without disclosing personal information.  We may collect personal information only through "opinion to our city" section and so on in this purpose.

4 About use of personal information

We use personal information that received offer within the collection purpose that we stated clearly beforehand. We may not use or provide personal information for other purpose that we stated clearly beforehand without the agreement of user, unless it was determined by Tomioka City ordinance on privacy protection.

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