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Kasho-Hoshiya (Japanese tea café "Hana no shizuku")
-Japanese confectionery combining tradition and creation -

From traditional Japanese sweets to creative Japanese sweets corresponding to nowadays tastes, we make seasonal sweets with our whole heart so anyone can enjoy seeing and eating them. From delicate and beautiful high quality fresh sweets that may be said that it is artistic to sponge cakes, to pancakes stuffed with bean jam, they are all recommended not only for souvenirs but also as a reward for yourself.

[Comment from the shop]
"We supervise all the process from making to selling. We established a Japanese tea café next to our shop because we wanted the customer to enjoy our Japanese sweets in the best condition."
Recommended menu
Seasonal fresh pancake stuffed with bean jam 270 yen (tax-included)
Donut stuffed with bean jam 108 yen (tax-included)
Sponge cake 1,296 yen (tax-included)
[Japanese tea café]
Fresh sweet and tea set 450 yen ... (tax-included)
Tea parfait 850 yen (tax-included)
Business Hours
From 9:00 to 19:30
[Japanese tea café "Ha no shizuku"]
From 13:00 to 18:00
Regular holiday :
On Wednesday
(there may be extra holidays)
Phone number
Information about parking lot and others
Exclusive Parking: Yes (enough space for 10 cars)
Group bus Parking: No
Group acceptance: Possibility (up to 10)
Offer of Halal: No
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Map information
5 minutes by car from Tomioka Silk Mill
(next to bypass 254 Gunma Nissan)
252-1, Nanokaichi, Tomioka-shi, Gunma