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Minosuke teahouse
-Addictive miso is a decisive factor -

Here, you can eat a filling "okirikomi" using large and tasty noodles made from Joshu local wheat flour with plenty of Shimonita green onion, local vegetables and mushrooms. Blending two types of miso, our special miso will soak into your heart and become an addiction.

[Comment from the shop]
"Please taste our specialty Joshu "okirikomi" with its decisive miso taste. Seats may be avaible in the back room even if the shop looks crowded. Please adress a member of staff."
Recommended menu
Joshu specialty "okirikomi" 954 yen + tax 
Cold udon 638 yen + tax
Japanese-style deep-fried chicken 454 yen + tax
French fries 361 yen + tax
Business Hours
From 11:30 until "okirikomi" noodles are sold out
Regular holiday :
On Wednesday
Phone number
Information to Parking
Exclusive Parking: Available (enough space for 8 cars)
Bus Parking: None
Group acceptance: No
Offer of Halal foods: No
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Map information
In front of Machinaka Sightseeing Information Center "Otomichan's House"
1038, Tomioka, Tomioka-shi, Gunma Googlemap