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Japanese-style confectionery Harada
-Refined cocoon-shaped marshmallows

A Japanese confectionery shop right behind of Tomioka Silk Mill. Cocoon-shaped Marshmallow "Joshu-Mayuhime" was born in reference to Tomioka Silk Mill. Stuffed with pineapple cream, it is even better served cold due to its refreshing taste.

[Comment from the shop]
"It becomes pineapple jam in summer. Young people enjoy it in many different ways : dripping into the coffee or in a yoghurt, etc. You can also buy it at the shop inside the Tomioka Silk Mill ! "
Recommended products
"Mayuhime" marshmallow 110 yen (tax-included)
Feudal clan mark Nanukaichi waffer cake filled with red bean 160 yen (tax-included)
Business Hours
From 09:00 to 18:00
Regular holiday :
No fixed holiday
Phone number
Information about parking lot and others
Exclusive Parking: None
Bus Parking: None
Map information
A few steps to the West from Tomioka Silk Mill
1163, Nanokaichi, Tomioka-shi, Gunma Googlemap