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Kitamuki Kannon Festival (Oshima)/2nd Sunday of January

Kitamuki Kannon is located in the middle of western Ojima, just above the clear stream of Kabura River. It enshrines the statue of Kitamuki Kannon, curved in the same manner as Besho Kitamuki Kwannon in Shinshu by Saint Kobo.
Worshiped as the goddess for warding off evil like the Kitamuki Kannon in other places, many visitors gather from not only the local areas but also all over the western Joshu area and even outside the prefecture.Visitors throw coins over the cliff to ward off evil, and children gather excitedly to pick the coins up.In addition to warding off evil, there are various blessings such as easy childbirth, safe travels, family well-being, business success, and academic achievement.
Sunday every year second in January
Goddess of Mercy temple in the Oshima, Tomioka-shi ground facing north
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Is car by taxi from Joshin Electric Railway Joshu-Ichinomiya Station than approximately ten minutes, Joshinetsu Expressway Tomioka IC; approximately 15 minutes