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[this event is over] The 27th Tomioka City Dontomatsuri Festival /10 15 days a month, 16th

Tomioka City Dontomatsuri Festival once in two years is held this year.
Child mikoshi portable shrine and folk art, dance drain, and, as big event of citizen total participation, they are scheduled by festival car and various contents such as contests of dance.
By a large number of participation, let's enliven festival!
The 27th Tomioka City Dontomatsuri Festival theme
"We worship * seruzo Tomioka in large quantities"
<The date>
Saturday, October 15, 2016, 16th Sunday
Traffic regulation, Parking guidance
Traffic regulation
We have section closed to vehicles for two days of festival.
I would like cooperation.

Saturday, October 15 from 12:00 to 21:00
Sunday, October 16 from 10:00 to 21:00
※Some sections, Sunday, October 16 from 17:00 to 18:00
Parking is [municipal Tomioka Station east Parking] (free of charge, P4) in the east of Joshu-Tomioka Station in festival temporariness.
Besides, we make Parking for temporariness. Please use according to guide map, signboard.

※※Being careful※※
We worship, and on the day Parking which is not available is as follows.
It is not available daylong with both days either.
・Municipal Nakacho Parking (for exclusive use of pay, P2, bus)
・Municipal Kamimachi Parking (for exclusive use of pay, P3, bus)
Of the above, besides, private Parking in traffic regulation area may not be available.
In the case of cancellation, Saturday postpones to Sunday on 16th by rainy days on 15th, and event on 16th is called off.
15th (soil, postponement in case of rain till the first fine day)
10:45 - folk art (Tomioka small stage, festival open space stage)
11:00 - camp ground (Tomioka small school grounds)
12:00 - opening ceremony (Tomioka small school grounds)
12:30 - parade (city area)
13:30 - child mikoshi portable shrine, shinyotogo (city area)
We drain ... dance at 15:00 (city area)
The concentration of festival car of 16:15 - all
Contest (festival open space) of 17:15 - festival car and dance
19:00 - unification music "Akebono" announcement (festival open space)
16th Sunday
Voluntary cruise (city area) of 10:00 - festival car
10:00 - stage performance (Tomioka small stage)

-- - Concentration - - - of festival car
Meet - seven wards - Nakacho ward, Tajino ward / at 11:00; love plaza Parking
Intersection at 15:00 in front of - seven wards - Nakacho ward, Tajino ward / Suwa-jinja Shrine
16:00 - one ward - Nanukaichi Higashi-ku / Nanukaichi festival open space (in front of Japanese central taxi)
16:30 - Nakacho ward - 18 wards / Seshimo Street Festival open space (the Tomioka police station east)
19:00 - seven wards, Chuo-ku / Suwa-jinja Shrine intersection
In front of 19:00 - ten wards - Jochou ward / filature front gate
Television transmission
Gunma TV
Special program "Tomioka City Dontomatsuri Festival"

From Saturday, October 29 19:00
From rebroadcast Monday, November 7 15:30
Please cooperate
Trash box is installed in venue.
Please cooperate with prevention of dispersion of garbage, classification.
Map information
Festival open space Googlemap
Reference of this page
The Tomioka City Dontomatsuri Festival executive committee secretariat (Tomioka City Tourism Association)
<Telephone> 0274-62-6001

Tomioka City Dontomatsuri Festival headquarters temporary telephone
※But only on October 15, 16th
<Telephone> 0274-64-2247