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[this event is over] << Mt. Myogi panorama park >> the flowering situation of cosmos

Flowering situation 🌸 (as of November 13) as of 🌸
Cosmos this year was finished.
All of you that you came, thank you.

Colored leaves around the Mt. Myogi are still in full bloom now!

Myougi road station, Myougi contact plaza "hot water of maple"
Myougi oldness and art museum, Myogi Shrine…
As there is other a lot of Sightseeing Spots in Myougi,
Carry foot by all means while enjoying autumn colors.
It is Mt. Myogi panorama park becoming full of field mustards which are true yellow in spring,
Colorful cosmos blooms in one side in autumn.

Photograph is state of last year,
If flowering time of cosmos overlaps with colored leaves of Mt. Myogi,
We can enjoy as you see wonderful autumn scenery.
Come to Mt. Myogi to taste comfortable autumn sky mind by all means.

**Event Information **
In Tomioka Municipal Myogi Furusato Museum built in front of the panoramic park,
We are starting plan exhibition "ten two period meeting writers exhibition" on Tuesday, November 7 until Sunday, December 3.
We invite people of meeting for two periods on Sunday, November 11 during period,
As you perform sketch party, come casually.
In the participation one desired, I would like notification to Tomioka Municipal Myogi Furusato Museum (0274-73-2585) in sketch society.
Let's enjoy autumn of art!
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