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[Mt. Myogi mountain trail] Information such as suspension of traffic

[general course] The neighborhood of second lookout platform
Because mountain trail collapsed by falling rock at the 100-km mark from general course, middle way course "the second gazing off far into" to the point on the abdomen area, it is put under ban of traffic.

[traffic prohibition section] Second gazing off far into - Tal side Sawairi mouth

※We cannot go through secret path course during the duration.
[senior course] Cancellation that we are prohibited from hawk return iron ladder traffic
Traffic prohibition was canceled from Monday, December 5, 2016.

We prohibited from traffic by some damage of iron ladder, but setting work of new ladder was completed.
Removal of conventional iron ladder is not completed. Please be careful.
※About facilities such as chain, ladder, rope installed in mountain climbing course, we assist traffic of mountain climbing, and do not guarantee security.
In the use, we confirm security, and I would like wearing and carrying of the equipment that can ensure the security for harness and helmet, rope so that danger supports when we are foreseen.
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