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(National Important Cultural Property) Myogi Shrine

Myogi Shrine is located on the hilltop of Hakuun Mountain, the highest peak of Myogi Mountain. Behind the bright red Main Gate and beautifully decorated Karamon, you'll be able to find a gorgeous main shrinel painted using black lacquer, sharing a roof with the worship hall connected with a passageway.
Myogi shrine is located on the hilltop of Hakuun Mountain, the highest peak of Myogi Mountain. It was constructed in 537 and worships various famous spirits including Prince Yamato Takeru. More than 200-year-old weeping cherry trees on the sides of the entrance path and the perimeters are quite impressive.
Main Gate: The bright red 40-feet-high eight-legged main gate made with Kirizuma-zukuri is the largest in the entire Kanto area. It is a national important cultural property.
Hakoso Shrine: It is said be an old main shrine and consists of an inner shrine, the hall of the offering, and a front shrine. It was build over 300 years ago and is registered as a prefectural important cultural property.
Main Shrine (Inner shrine, offering hall, front shrine): The shrine features an impressive statue dubbed as the Kamige sunshine, a pillar with a gorgeous golden dragon, and a wainscoted wall with a beautiful phoenix. It is also known for offering a background sceneries to gardens with enchanting landscapes of weeping cherry in the spring and red leaves in the fall. It is registered as a national important cultural property.
(Right Photo) Karamon Gate: Decorations unlike any other is a must-see. A national important cultural property.
Entrance fee
The precincts: free of charge
Treasure House
Business hours :
From 09:00 to 17:00 (except from December 20 to January 10)
Admission Fee
Adults, junior high students and older : 200 yen (160 yen)
Elementary school student 100 yens (80 yens)
Note: () means individual fee for visitors in groups of 30 or more
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Map information
Five minutes by car from Joshinetsu Expressway Matsuida Myougi IC
10 minutes by taxi from JR Matsuida station, 10-minute walk from en entrance to the shrine
40 minutes by bus on the Sugawara line from Joshin Electric Railway Joshu Tomioka station, get out at "Myogi shrine" station and walk 10 minutes.
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Myogi Shrine
6, Myogimachimyogi, Tomioka-shi, Gunma
Phone number 0274-73-2119