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Mt. Myogi Panorama Park

In Mt. Myogi Panorama Park, you can see on the West the 3 peaks constituting Mount Myogi (Kinkei-zan, Kindo-zan and Haku'un-zan), and on the East Mount Akagi, Mount Haruna and the other mountains of the prefecture.
It is a view spot from where you can see the Kanto plain and, in the distance, Mount Tsukuba.

This year, you can enjoy the colored leaves of Mount Myogi and the full bloom of cosmos flower field from the beginning to the middle of November.

※Roller slide is not available because it was broken.
❀The situation of current field mustard field❀

Field mustard which we set meets flowering last year.
Cherry tree has been scattered,
Field mustard has just begun more, but is in full bloom.
Only as for the time present in the panorama where yellow field of flowers opens in one side in the foot of magnificent Mt. Myogi!
Please see by all means.

Beautification promotion committee and staff of city planted rape.
We transplanted thing which we wound up kind in the cause of cooperation of local farming family, another field and brought up.
We expect yellow of one side in spring!
Admission fee
Free (there is pay facilities within the premisses)
Facilities in the park
Tomioka Municipal Myogi Furusato Art Museum
In this art museum, we display prize-winning work of "art exhibition representing Mt. Myogi" started in 1983. The attempt to enjoy paintings of Mount Myogi while looking directly at its model is rare in Japan, making this place a popular facility where you can enjoy Nature and Art at the same time.

Location: 1-5, Myogimachimyogi, Tomioka-shi
Phone number 0274-73-2585
Myogi Fureai Plaza Myogi Hot Spring "Momiji no yu"
The Kanto plain expands in front of you while your back faces Mt. Myogi.
It is a one-day hot spring where you can enjoy a splendid scenery.
Please relax and enjoy open-air bath and sauna at natural hotspring "Momiji no yu", as well as our restaurant.

Location: 1-1, Myogimachimyogi, Tomioka-shi
Phone number 0274-60-7600‎
Roadside station Michinoeki Myogi
Located at the foot of Mount Myogi, one of Japan's Three Great Rare Scenic Beauties, this place sells fresh vegetables and specialities sproduced locally. In the restaurant, you can taste Soba, Undon and Maitake mushroom rice. Soft ice cream changing every season is popular too. The building has a unique shape and the view is really beautiful.

Location: 322-7, Myogimachitake, Tomioka-shi
Phone number 0274-73-3991
More information here
Roadside station Michinoeki Myogi
Mt. Myogi outskirts Tourist Information Center
Attached to the Roadside station Michinoeki Myogi, this place is perfect to gather information on Mt. Myogi mountain climbing and the outskirts.

Location: 322-7, Myogimachitake, Tomioka-shi
Phone number 0274-73-7010
Regular holiday : On Wednesday
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