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Strawberry picking (Takada strawberry garden)
-Is going to open the middle of January, 2019; -

 🍓🍓2019 age is going to open in the middle of January! 🍓🍓

"Strawberry picking Land" only in Tomioka City with world heritage "Tomioka Silk Mill."
It is good Access called "five minutes by car" from both filature and Tomioka IC.

Kind of strawberry to be able to enjoy is five kinds of White strawberry "eyebrows strawberry" (kind: awayuki) "deep red cheeks" "we chase C beri" "amaotome" "yayoihime"!

We can make memory of sweet, happy trip if we participate in all-you-can-eat for 30 minutes♪
Business Hours
From 10:00 a.m. to about 3:00 p.m.

※We recommend advance reservations to be finished as soon as red strawberry disappears.
We can make a reservation and are either from from "10:00 a.m." or "11:00 a.m." at time.
Opening of the park day
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
Fee :
Delicious strawberries are served unlimitedly for 30 minutes!

[from January 5 to April 7]
Adult (junior high students and older): 1800 yen
Elementary school student :1,600 yen
Infant (from 2 years old): 1000 yen

[from April 8 to May 6]
Adult (junior high students and older): 1400 yen
Elementary school student :1200 yen
Infant (from 2 years old): 800 yens

[until May 7 - end]
Adult (junior high students and older): 1200 yen
Elementary school student :1000 yen
Infant (from 2 years old): 700 yen

※Reservation is given priority, but please refer for the situation on the day.
※Toilet and bathroom are located inside a temporary building.
※1 year old or younger is free.
※It becomes discounted by 100 yen at group discount more than 25 people.
※There is house of soil culture cultivation, too. By the growth situation on the day, we guide.
Parking :
Exclusive Parking: 35
Group acceptance: OK (100 people max)
Group bus Parking: 2 cars
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Map information
5 minutes by car from Tomioka Silk Mill
Takada strawberry garden Googlemap
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Takada strawberry garden
Address: 1136, Kamitakase, Tomioka-shi
Phone number 090-2327-7522
FAX number: 0274-63-0733
E-mail: tatoru@yahoo.co.jp