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Pottery experience at Yurari Ceramic

A ceramic class where a friendly teacher will kindly give you advices at a pleasant distance. Through this experience, you will make full hand-made ceramic works such as glasses and teacups. You can enjoy ceramic in a relaxed manner inside the wide white-based handcraft area of the shop.
Business Hours
On Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 to 20:00
Fee :
From 2000 yen
Parking :
Exclusive Parking: 20 cars
Group acceptance: Up to 20 people
Group bus Parking: 7 buses
Map information
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Yurari Ceramic (ceramic art experience)
Address: 997, Kurokawa, Tomioka-shi
Contact information: 090-7834-5043 (telephone), 0274-64-5630 (FAX)