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Wisteria (from the beginning of May to the middle) of Niagara
-kurosawa fujien -

Full bloom From the beginning of May to the middle

We can take a walk to pass through bottom of wisteria such as Niagara Falls.
We take shower of flavor of wisteria, and are heart and soul not refreshed?
Cluster amaryllis is in full bloom from mid-September through early October, too.
Visit information
Open Terms
Wisteria: From the beginning of May to the middle
Cluster amaryllis: The mid-September and early October
※Open Terms varies according to years a little to fluctuate in season in in full bloom.
Fee :
700 yen
Parking :
50 normal cars
Microbus is possible
Map information
Warabi, Tomioka-shi (lake Wood golf club Tomioka course neighborhood)

It is 20 minutes by taxi from Joshin Electric Railway Joshu-Tomioka Station
20 minutes by car from Joshinetsu Expressway Tomioka IC.
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Tomioka City Tourism Association
Telephone 0274-62-6001