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[Famous mountain] Mt. Myogi

(Left Photo) Myogi Mountain Panoramic Park: A famous spot where you can enjoy the 360 degrees panoramic landscape of Myogi Mountain. See the autumn Myogi Mountain filled with red leaves next to the cosmos fields. There are many facilities in the area where you can enjoy as a family. Myogi Furusato Museum is filled with various works featuring Myogi Mountain. Hot springs called Momiji-no-Yu features outdoor baths where you can bathe while enjoying an exquisite view.

(Right Photo) Character "Dai"" on Mt. Haku'un : The white character "Dai"" in the middle of the mountain is the avatar of Buddha in Myogi Mountain. It is located on a hillside of Mt.Hakuun and has become a landmark for travelers who pass by the Nakasendo Road.
Mt. Myogi is one of Japan's Three Rare Great Scenic Beauties along with Yabakei in Kyushu and Kankakei in Shikoku. It is a famous scenic spot with uniquely‐shaped rocks. Many people visit to see the cherry blossoms and the fresh green leaves in the spring and the autumn colors in the fall.
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