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(National Important Cultural Property) Ancient Home of the Moteki Family and Miyazaki Park

Miyazaki park
Jyousaku Suzuki, a rich man from Miyazaki, created the basic part of the garden in 1887 by ordering his gardener, Teikaku, to plant azaleas and Japanese maples and set a large rock.

Later, it was transferred to Tomioka and became what it is today.The garden is 10,674 m2 and has a variety of landforms with ups and downs as well as a cliff on the south. Over a several hundred-year-old Azalea and cherry blossoms are beautiful in full bloom and remains as elegant as when the garden was created.

There is a hexagonal building called Shinonomekan inside the garden, and it is used for many community cultural events such as poetry reading and tea parties."
Fee and Open Hours
Admission for free
It is free to do walk in park
Old Moteki Family House
The house was registered as national important cultural property in 1970, was transferred to Miyazaki park and officially shown to the public in 1977.

It is a private house with shingle roofing weighted with stones and a gable roof structure (115.152m beam and 7.576m cross beam). It is unique for its shingle roof and a post that supports the ridge structure of ancient buildings with earth posts. The house also has thin and curved horizontal posts. Moreover, the posts are cut in a polygon with a hatchet. The construction of the posts is grand and strong which shows its medieval influence.

The ink writings on the posts show the house was built in 1527. There are old documents that show the Moteki ancestors who owned the house were the lords of Oyama Castle located in Kaminohara during the War Period.And there are bulwark remains near the house of Yoshio Moteki in Kaminohara, where the house was initially built.

These facts suggest that this Motekike house was built in 1527, making it the oldest private house that still exists in Japan.

(Left photo) Miyazaki Park where over 100-year-old azalea tree blooms

(Right photo) The old Moteki house located in a corner of Miyazaki Park is the oldest shingle-roofed private house from the War Period. It has a beautiful Japanese garden and is also popular as a walking trail."
Business hours :
From 10:00 to 16:00 (last admission at 15:30)
Days we are closed
On Monday (in the case of holiday the next day)
The next day on holiday
The year-end and New Year holidays (from December 28 to January 3)
Admission Fee
Individual adult : 100 yen, Free of charge for junior high school students and younger
Group discount for groups of 20 or more people : adult 60 yen, Free of charge for junior high school students and younger
Parking :
Please use exclusive Parking of the park north side.
As entrance is small, please be careful.
7 cars can be parked
Map information
〒370-2453 329, Miyazaki, Tomioka-shi, Gunma Googlemap
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Tomioka City cultural properties protection section
Phone number 0274-62-1511 (main)

Old Moteki Family House management office (only during Open Hours)
Phone number 0274-63-0317