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Tomioka Club

Blessed with the topography of nature and situated on a good location at approximately 90 minutes from Tokyo, this golf course surrounded by luxurious greenery offers you a unique view with Mt. Myogi and other mountains towering up on the horizon. A beautiful course comprised of both a gentle fairway formed by a gentle hilly area and a difficult middle long hole.
Besides, it is one of the prominent full-scale hilly course of Gunma having hold 1999 Ladies Professional Golfers' Association of Japan Pro test and 2000 Gunma Amateur Finals. It also offers accomodation pack using an elegant cottage built on top of a small hill with a beautiful view.
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Location 〒 370-2307 621-1, Fujiki, Tomioka-shi, Gunma
Phone number 0274-64-3311
FAX number 0274-64-2213