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Association of the Guides of the Tomioka Silk Mill
Established in 2007. Our certified members undergo a guide training operated by Tomioka City and take turns introducing Tomioka Silk Mill. We are a group which goal is to explain the value of old government operated Tomioka Silk Mill - central facility of "Tomioka Silk Mill and Related Sites" - to the visitors. We always practice ourselves in order to help the visitors having a better understanding of the value and importance of Tomioka Silk Mill.
Association of the Guides of the Tomioka Silk Mill
<Telephone> 0274-67-0075
(Machizukuri Tomioka S.A, Information Center inside Tomioka Silk Mill)
NPO organization Society of the Tomioka Silk Mill
We conduct many kinds of activities aiming at propagate the value of Tomioka Silk MIll in Japan and abroad.
In Tomioka Silk Mill, we participate in early morning cleaning every second Saturday of the month, Cherry blossom in Spring, Tomioka Summer Festival in Summer, holding of Chanson and Silk Concert, education and enlightenment activities, as well as participation in community development. We also work on PR activities through our mascot "Silky".
NPO organization Secretariat of the Society of the Tomioka Silk Mill
<Telephone> 027-330-1174 (inside the General Planning Department of Shinonome Shinyo Kinko)
Homepage: http://www.silkey.e-arc.jp/
Links to affiliate organisations and facilities
Katakura Industries Co., Ltd.
The last company to run the mill. This company continued to preserve the mill for 18 years after the production stopped in 1987.

Okaya Silk Museum
Okaya City in Nagano prefecture is a sister-city of Tomioka city and it flourished as a major silk production area. A silk-reeling mill is built next to this museum to help understanding the silk-reeling process.

Nippon Silk Center
This facility introduces the history of Gunma prefecture traditional sericulture and silk industry as well as the importance of silk. Silk fabric dyeing workshops are also held inside the facility.

Shibusawa Eiichi Museum
Eiichi SHIBUSAWA dedicated his energy to establish the Tomioka Silk Mill planned by the Meiji government. Junchu ODAKA, the first director of the mill, was a cousin of Eiichi SHIBUSAWA.

ICOMOS national committee in Japan
The ICOMOS carries out activites such as research and application on the principles, methodology and conservation science techniques aiming at the conservation and protection of cultural heritage, as well as the inspection and monitaring of World Heritage registration.