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[this event is over] Meiji 150th Anniversary "Silk Road Wide Area Cooperation Project related Symposium : The Future of Silk Industry from Tomioka Silk Mill"

We held "future ... of silk silk industry to rise, and to be connected from wide area cooperation project symposium - Tomioka Silk Mill commemorative in 2017" in Tomioka Silk Mill. (sponsorship: the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Kanto economy industry station)
2018 corresponds to the 150th anniversary of Meiji era (1868). Approaches such as innovation, human resources achievement of silk production of Tomioka Silk Mill spread through the whole country and reconfirm historic significance that index did our country economy and are symposium to send approaches such as modern silk-related industrial innovation, industry inheritance utilization to widely.
In addition, to symposium, autograph session of Kiyomi Fujii of "Meiji girls" author was held, too.
Thank you very much for your participation.

Date and time: Thursday, March 15, 2018 from 15:00 to 17:30 (reception desk starts at 14:30)
The venue: East Cocoon Warehouse, Tomioka Silk Mill
<Summary> 1."Looking back on the Modernization of Meiji that started at Tomioka Silk Mill : The Adventure of 15 years old Yokota Ei"
    2."Silk Industry - The Progress of New Innovation"
    3."New Approaches using Meiji Silk Industry Heritage"

Look at the flyer of the symposium here (PDF)