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[this event is over] World Heritage Anniversary Concert / June 25

We are pleased to welcome the most popular jazz-pop singer SHANTI, well known as the "Diva of the high-resolution era", for a concert in Tomioka Silk Mill. Please enjoy her organic singing voice reverberating inside the East Cocoon Warehouse.
We welcome luxurious members such as the pianist Takana Miyamoto and the bass player Ryu Kawamura to provide you with the best concert ever.
Time : Saturday, June 25, at 3:00 P.M (opening at 2:30 P.M)
Place : Tomioka Silk Mill East Cocoon Warehouse
Fee : for free (please purchase an admission ticket to the Tomioka Silk Mill)

Take a look at SHANTI's profile here (PDF file: 230KB)
Look at SHANTI Nippon Columbia HP link from this.
Click here to see the profile of Takana Miyamoto. (PDF file: 167KB)
See Takana Miyamoto Official HP here.
Click here to see the profile of Tatsu Kawamura. (PDF file: 136KB)

※The concert was a great success.
 Thank you for your participation in large numbers.