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VR Scope now available !

VR scope are now on sale to let you visit the mill while feeling the scenes and the history of the Tomioka Silk Mill at the time of its foundation.
Via streaming delivery, download VR (virtual reality) picture on your personal smartphone and insert your smartphone in sectional VR scope (with lenses) to enjoy pictures.
You can enjoy VR scope not only inside the mill but alos casually at home. you can get the URL for download by reading the QR code printed on your VR scope.
You can deepen your understanding about the Tomioka Silk Mill by experiencing VR picture which reproduces Tomioka Silk Mill at the time of its founding in 1872 while listening to the narration (Japanese, English) played at the same time.

Where to buy : Tomioka Silk Mill shop (East Cocoon Warehouse)
Selling price : 800 yen (tax-excluded)