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Display of full-scale mulberry trees has begun!

At Tomioka Silk Mill, we started a life display of silk worms - makers of raw material of raw silk - in order to help the visitors get a deeper understanding of silk-reeling. Silk worms feed on mulberry leaves andsericulture used to be inseparable from the scenery of mulberry trees extending as far as the eye can see.
Therefore, we decided to plant mulberry trees within a specific area inside the mill as a part of a full-scale display of mulberry with the purpose of deepening the visitors comprehension about mulberry, as well as enjoying this landscape.
In addition, planting was done with the cooperation of the "Society for the Study of Silk Worms and Mulberry of Kanra-Tomioka", a farmer organization aiming at studying the pratical techniques and management of sericulture and planting of mulberry trees.

<Place> South side of "Company houses" located in the northern part of Tomioka Silk Mill.
Number of trees: 200 mulberry seedlings