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[this event is over] Lecture on the World heritage

The lecture on the World Heritage was held on Saturday, December 3.
First, in the keynote lecture, Mizue Kawashima (grandchild of Chunosuke Kawashima) gave a lecture entitled "The people who worked in Tomioka Silk Mill and next" and Michiko Hayami (descendant of Kenso Hayami) gave a lecture entitled "The Tomioka Sill Mill as shown in diaries and autobiographies".
Then, in the three-man talk, we heard very interesting stories that connected Chunosuke Kawashima with Kenso Hayami.
The keynote lecture and the three-man talk contributed to make this lecture a very valuable one.
In addition, we carried out the lecture for the first time with a sign-language interpreter.
We would like to thank all the participants.