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[this event is over] Display of New Year Cocoon DecorationTree

On Saturday, January 7, the Kanra Tomioka Silkworm Mulberry Study Association, mainly comprized of local silkworm-raising farmers, decorated a tree both for the purpose of the succession of traditional events and as a prayer for a good harvest of cocoons.
Display of New Year Cocoon Decoration Tree ended on Sunday, January 15. We plan to reconduct it next year.

<displaying period> From Saturday, January 7 to Sunday, January 15 [the event is over]
Fee : Free (persons who are not Tomioka citizens must pay admission fee to Tomioka Silk Mill separately)
<Place> Tomioka Silk Mill East Cocoon Warehouse (North side Guidance Exhibition Room)

<About Kanra Tomioka Silkworm Mulberry Study Association>
The Kanra Tomioka Silkworm Mulberry Study Association is a farmer-based organization founded in 1968 for the purpose of studying practical techniques and management related to silkworm-raising as well as Mulberry culture. By spreading quickly the newest silkworm-raising techniques throughout their area and planning the improvement of productivity, this organization is working for local developpement.
Taking the opportunity of the campain for the registration of the Tomioka Silk Mill on the World Heritage List, the rising voices claiming for the maintain of silkworm-raising and silk-reeling as traditional industries convinced this organization to deploy further its actions toward the preservation and development of silkworm-raising.
This organization has 24 members and its president is Junichi Takahashi.