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We offer you a Tomioka Silk Mill Original Photocard for free ! (it starts from 6/6)

We offer an original photocard with the East cocoon Warehouse in the background
to all our visitors.

The L size photocard can fit a card case,
and its designed is inspired from a colored woodblock print of Tomioka Silk Mill.
We give you the picture on the spot in the shape of a photocard.
How about keeping a unique souvenir of your visit to the Tomioka Silk Mill in the shape of a photocard you can't find elsewhere ?

We hope it will become a wonderful souvenir for all visitors,
and we are looking forward for your visit.
For the visitors who are interested
Large size pictures are also available for those who want them.
With these large size pictures, you can keep a greater souvenir with a better image quality.

  ◆Selling price (taxes included)
   Cabinet size picture on a mount (120x165mm) / 1,200 yen
To visitors in groups
You are attending to a school excursion ? A company-sponsored recreational trip ? A trip with friends ?
How about taking a group picture as a souvenir of such important events?
We will print the picture while you are visiting the mill
and give it to you before you leave.
Don't hesitate to ask for this service as it is available only for the visitors who are looking for it.

  ◆Selling price (taxes included) <<for ordinary groups≫
   A5 size on mount (152x210mm) / 1,200 yen
  ◆Selling price (taxes included) << for student groups≫
   A5 size on mount (152x210mm) / 800 yen
   Cabinet size picture on mount (120*165mm) / 500 yen
  ※We give a sample picture to the members of student groups so they can order later.
  ※We also act for photo studios in charge of graduating album
   only for student groups.
    Handing over method: Data delivery
    Shooting Agent Fee: 8,000 yen per cut (class unit)

※We may send data later depending on the number of orders and your period of visit.
※We may change the design of the photocard.
※We may cancel or suspend shooting depending on the weather.