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Main Points of the World Heritage Conference held on 12/03

World heritage lecture that we held at Tomioka City government office on Sunday, December 3 publishes the lecture point of "culture and industrial ... which Mount Fuji and kaiki silk - Mount Fuji brought up".
On the day we are happy if you can see one that was not able to participate in lecture by all means.
Look at the lecture point than the following.

①Makoto Horiuchi (the Yamanashi Prefectural Mount Fuji world heritage center research staff)
"Occupation - of heart - Imperial mausoleum prayer and mine operator gathering in Mount Fuji" (Portable Document Format: 546KB)

②髙*gakatsuryo (lecturer at Tokyo Zokei University part-time teacher / Musashino Art University / textile production center Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Nishikatsura synthesis director)
"History and now (Portable Document Format: 6.74MB) of Yamanashi grouper cage production center where fantastic textile "kaiki silk" was born"

Please refrain from reproduction from note) book lecture point without permission.