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[this event is over] Lecture on the World heritage

World heritage lecture started "culture and industrial ... which Mount Fuji and kaiki silk - Mount Fuji brought up" at 13:30 in city hall on Sunday, December 3.
As basic tone lecture, "occupation - of heart - Imperial mausoleum prayer and mine operator who gathered in Mount Fuji" had 髙*gakatsuryo which was Director lecturer at ② Tokyo Zokei University part-time teacher / Musashino Art University / textile production center Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Katsura Nishi synthesis give a lecture titled "history and now of Yamanashi grouper cage production center where fantastic textile "kaiki silk" was born" to Makoto Horiuchi who was the ① Yamanashi Prefectural Mount Fuji world heritage center research staff. We would like to thank all the participants.