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West Cocoon Warehouse Conservation Work (2)

We photographed the excavation in progress.
We turned on light installed inside the protective scaffolding for work. The sun sets earlier, but work could be pushed forward both after sunset and on cloudy days.
The left picture was taken from the inside while the right one was taken from the outside.
Once investigation of all tiles was over, removing work began.
When we removed roof tiles, we discovered that different materials were used on top of Noji boards on East and West side of the roof.
East side was made of cedar bark laid with broken bamboo while West side was made of noji boards covered with cedar boards.
We removed handrail of the second-floor porch.
We introduce the restauration work before covering West Cocoon Warehouse with protective scaffolding.
We removed lightning rod installed on the roof before hanging the protective scaffolding in order to preserve it.
We photographed lightning rod hardware and point which we removed.
When we removed roof tiles, we discovered that the back of one of them featured an engraved sailboat-like figure.
We dismantled one part of the brick wall on the east side of the first floor.
A viewing deck attached to the bare roof covering West Cocoon Warehouse was built for a limited time.
We invite you to use this opportunity to see the conservation work of a National Treasure building.
It is open since Friday, January 22, 2016.
(extra entrance fee needed besides entrance fee to the mill)
* Fee (helmet rental charges)
・Adult (more than junior high student) 200 yen
・Child (junior high student and younger) 100 yen
※You can also see the Iron water tank which is ordinary not open to the public.
※Please use the helmet we provide you at the entrance.
2/3 of the tile disassembly work was done.
All tiles are planed to be removed by mid-February.
Therefore, you can see the tile disassembly work progress until mid-February.
We recommend to people wishing to see it to come early.
※Tile disassembling work may start sooner than expected according to the progress of work on site.
It snowed in Tomioka from January 17 through 18.
We photographed the state from the third floor of West Cocoon Warehouse viewing deck.
We removed ridge-end tile. We display ridge-end tile which we removed in the visit facility.
The dismantling of roof tiles entered in its final stage and crest tiles were dismantled.
We dismantled floor on the first floor.            
We dismantled cryptomeria bark of east side roof.
We push forward the dismantling of cryptomeria bark of east side roof sequentially.
Work was half done.
Expression of viewing deck's outward changes in the morning and in the evening.
We dismantled the porch.
(left picture : before dismantling, right picture : after dismantling)
We are dismantling iron plates housing parts.
We can see the wooden door.
We dismantle tiles groundwork.           
Cherry blossom in full bloom in the construction area of West Cocoon Warehouse.
We dismantle gutter and keep it safe.
We preserve dismantled floor boards inside a preservation shed.
We put tile groundwork (plaster) believed to have been used at the beginning into bags preserved inside construction work site.