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West Cocoon Warehouse Conservation Work (5)

By one piece beat roof tile in spite of being lowering and, to hear sound, judged the right or wrong of reuse from sound condition. We perform re-business of conventional tile as much as possible, but lack and thing that it is model the present tile and do and they produce supplement tile like the same kind newly and use. Photograph looks.
(2017/9/22 update)
Approximately central dumb-waiter (elevator / 1971 setting for exclusive use of parcel) of building was used for transportation of raw materials cocoon until shutdown. As one of the facilities about spinning process, we save in this construction as it is.
(2017/10/7 update)
About pillar of porch, exchange te repaired part which performed the origin and basic rot. As for the left photograph, it looks like basic repair, right photograph drove newly basic stone.
(2017/10/18 update)
We removed part which performed rot of porch and repaired in new materials.
(2017/10/27 update)
After climbing garret of the second-floor *mayudaikan (can which kept cocoon), we discovered a large quantity of cocoons considered that mouse progressed. (2017/12/11 update)
We repaired disorder of edge of the eaves.
(2017/12/20 update)