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Preservation and utilization of the Tomioka Silk Mill

To leave the Tomioka Silk Mill to the next generations
On October 19, 2012, Tomioka City published a "Maintenance and use plan of the old Tomioka Silk Mill designated Historic Site and which buildings are registered as Important Cultural Assets".This plan indicates a vision on how to use the Tomioka Silk Mill while preserving its value, and it clearly shows how to phase the maintenance process towards the realization of this vision.

Concretely, the contents of the plan can be summarized as follow.
Maintenance Policy
We conduct a maintenance attaching greater importance to the history and system the Tomioka Silk Mill went through.

1. Disaster Prevention
We devise a general disaster prevention plan and carry out examination and implementation of fire prevention and earthquake proofing mesures so that buildings and facilities don't endure damages or lose their value.

2. Safety Management
We place guards, set up machines and guidance signboards to ensure visitors safety.

3. Visitor Experience
Toilets, rest areas and other first-aid stations are necessary to ensure a pleasant visit for the visitors. We carry out maintainance of these facilities while taking care to not spoil the value of this historic site.
Maintenance Period
Besides carrying on general disaster prevention works and conservation work of West Cocoon Warehouse while setting up facilities such as toilets within about 5 years, we also aim at maintaining all the facilities within about 30 years.
Utilization Policy
In order to make the best use of the various values and charms of the Tomioka Silk Mill, we open to the public and use as much as possible the facilities which maintainance work is over while placing emphasis on the following 3 points.

1. Display, Open to the public
2. Place of Study and Education
3. A place to enjoy