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To visitors in groups
Visitors in groups of 20 or more must make a reservation.
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Group reservation
Tomioka Silk Mill CG picture Guided Tour
In Tomioka Silk Mill, we started "CG picture Guided Tour" which could experience founding original state of Meiji by reflecting CG picture in smart glass from April 1, 2016.
Participants visit Tomioka Silk Mill wearing rental smart glasses while listening to the guide's explanation. You can deepen your understanding about the Tomioka Silk Mill by experiencing VR (virtual reality) pictures which reproduce Tomioka Silk Mill at the time of its founding in 1872 while listening to the narration (Japanese, English) played at the same time.
※Tour operation conditions (read before apply)
①To 30 running number of people 1 groups (21 or more are divided into two groups)
②The running time morning (from 9:00 to 12:00) and the afternoon (from 1:00 to 2:00) for each one time time required: Time required for the visit : approximately 1 hour
③Operation fee for 1 group : 5000 yen ※6000 yen for 21 people and more
④To apply : Tomioka Silk Mill Group Reservation Center TEL 0274-67-0088 (advance reservation system)
⑤Besides, please note that we may cancel CG picture Guided Tour in case of rain.
On rainy day, we may perform normal guided tour (earphone guide) instead.

Click here to see handbill (PDF 2.04MB)