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Photography and filming authorization form

 An application in advance is necessary for phorographing or filming inside Tomioka Silk Mill for sale, distribution or publication on a website in a commercial purpose.
 Free download images are also available on this Tourist infirmation Website. Please use them as they don't need any application.
Situations in which you need to submit an authorization form
  ・TV coverage and filming
  ・Coverage and photo for a magazine
  ・Photography to be used for a publication
  ・Photography to be used by a company for its sales promotion and product development
  ・Photography or filming for the public relations and publicity of a company
  (something to be distributed, introduction on a homepage, etc.)
  ・Photography and filming for commercial purpose, etc.
Situations in which you don't need to submit an authorization form
  ・Personal souvenir photographing
  ・Photography to publish on SNS
  ・Commemorative photo of visitors taken by a photo studio
  ・Photography to submit to contests
  ・Photography, filming (documents) for teachers to be used in class
How to submit the authorization form
①Please contact the person in charge beforehand. (the date and time, adjustment of place, confirmation of contents)
②Please submit the authorization form after filling in the required matters. (by mail, e-mail, FAX)
③On the day of the shooting, please stop by the Tomioka Silk Mill management office. We will return you the form stamped with the seal of approval.
Download authorization form
 Photography and filming authorization form (WORD file: 24.6KB)
 Photography and filming autorization form (PDF file: 145KB)
How to submit photography and filming authorization form
Please submit your photography and filming authorization form to the service of planning and public relations of the Tomioka Silk Mill strategy division. In addition, if you have any questions, please refer to the above mentioned service. To contact the above mentioned service, please click on the next inquiries link.
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