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Request to all of you on the occasion of your visit
1.It is forbidden to smoke inside the mill.

2.Foods are not allowed. No drinks inside the buildings.

3.Pets are not allowed in the mill. (except guide dogs) Besides, pets are also forbidden even if carried in a carrier bag.
 About the interdiction of pet companion inside the mill (Japanese, PDF file: 92.8KB)

4.Please refrain from touching the buildings and machinery.

5.Please stay in the designated visiting area. Please note that you may need some rainwear as the visiting area is mostly located outside.

6.Please follow the next rules when doing the guide by yourself :
・Please don't use loudspeakers such as speakers or microphones.
・Please proceed on the right side when visiting the Silk-reeling plant.
・Please don't touch the buildings and the machinery.
・Please refrain from using voice guidance inside the display rooms.

If you plan to take pictures or make video for commercial use, you need to get an authorization from the mill. Please see "Photography and filming authorization form" for further information.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping good manners while enjoying your visit.