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Sericulture today

Japan’s cocoon production began to decrease after reaching a peak around 80 years ago in 1930 with 400 000 tons, but it felt off to 147 tons in 2014 despite a tendency to revival in the 1960’s.Cocoon production that was 1441 tons in Tomioka city in 1968 with 3010 sericulture farmhouses decreased sharply with approximately 4,2 tons in 2014 with 12 sericulture farmhouses. In addition, the decline of domestic silk factories accompanied by the decrease of cocoon production was also remarkable: where there were 53 domestic silk factories in 1989, there were only 2 of them left in 2006. One of those is the Usui Silk Mill Agricultural Cooperative in Tomioka City’s neighboring town. Inflow of overseas low-priced cocoon supported by cheap work force, lack of successors due to changes in social structure, decrease in silk consumption due to changes in Japanese lifestyle having adopted Western clothing instead of Japanese clothing are the causes of this decline and made it difficult for this industry to tackle the issue. However, as for the sericulture in Tomioka City of 2015, 3 new groups related to sericulture came in addition to the already existing 12 sericulture farmhouses. On top of that, cocoon production reaching 4176kg in 2014 increased for the first time in 32 years since 1983 with a 5055 kg production reached in 2015.