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From the hands of the maker to the hands of the consumer

Beautiful Japanese silk created by passionate silk makers fascinates the entire world Its source was Tomioka Silk Mill,established in 1872 as a symbol of Japanese modernization When you open the doors of History, you will find people who were fascinated by silk Combining Western technology and Japanese spirit, to produce beautiful silk, people of Meiji put their selfless passion Women who came to Tomioka from all over the country and dedicated themselves in improving their silk-reeling skills And to this day, there are people who dream about the pearl-like cocoons Surrounded by Tomioka’s rich nature, these are the silk farmers who have treated the silkworms like their own calling them Okosama(child) Now after all these years, people’s passion for silk has come together once again to send the Tomioka Silk out to the world Japan’s proud, beautiful designs will breathe new life into the silks and fascinate the people around the world