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We think about the future of Japanese silk, Gunma silk and Tomioka silk.

About Tomioka Silk Brand Council
Japan’s cocoon production began to decrease after reaching a peak around 80 years ago in 1930 with 400 000 tons and dropped to 147 tons in 2014. In the same way, cocoon production in Gunma prefecture dropped sharply from 27440 tons in 1968 to 47 tons in 2013. In addition, the decline of domestic silk factories accompanied by the decrease of cocoon production was also remarkable: where there were a great number of domestic silk factories in 1989, there were only 4 of them left in 2008 (one of those is the Usui Silk Mill Agricultural Cooperative in Tomioka City’s neighboring town). Inflow of overseas low-priced cocoon supported by cheap work force, lack of successors due to changes in social structure, decrease in silk consumption due to changes in Japanese lifestyle having adopted Western clothing instead of Japanese clothing could be given as causes of this decline. “Tomioka Silk Mill and related sites” were registered as World Cultural Heritage Sites in June 2014, increasing people’s interest in silk while the sericulture farmhouses in Tomioka city decreased sharply to the current number of 12, a situation that could lead to the risk of closing for all these businesses. If the cocoons produced here in Tomioka, now registered on the World Heritage List, should disappear, the think that the real meaning of the World Heritage would be vain.It is essential to maintain the system of sericulture industry alive to ensure the value of the Tomioka Silk Mill as an industrial heritage. Sericulture farmers working hard at growth of silkworm with pride and technique together with the mulberry yards expanding to feed them are the proof that this industry continues to be valid. We think that it is our duty to maintain this unified system also including this scenery. We established the Tomioka Silk Brand Council to make this system a sustainable one.
Business Concept
We support sericulture and silk businesses aiming at sustainabiliy. We hand down Japanese sericulture techniques and silk culture to the next generation.
Summary of Business
① Create a wide group connected with farmers, manufacturers, processors, and dealers.
② Develop and sell high-quality silk goods suitable for the era by strengthening the partnership between production, circulation and retailing.
③ Gain more Japanese silk enthusiasts by proposing a rich and quality lifestyle with silk.
④ ①We develop activity of ③ from this continuously and effectively and support sericulture business for the purpose of sustained possibility, silk business.
Brand declaration
"Tomioka Silk Brand" must produce
①Safe silk by making the producing method transparent
"Tomioka Silk" is created in a transparent environment that you can see "who", "when", "where" and "how" it was made.

②To prove its safety, we open our production history in public.
Silk in Tomioka Silk Mill filled with history and tradition.""Tomioka Silk Mill was established as the first government-operated automated silk mill in the land of Tomioka in 1872.""Tomioka Silk"" was established by many of silk enthusiasts in Tomioka Silk Mill filled with rich history, extensive culture and unique technology.

③High-quality silk inheriting the quality that European countries praised.
Many of silk made by ""Tomioka Silk Mill"" were exported to European countries.Lyon, France had an especially important role as the liaison.And those who highly appreciated its quality created many silk products, which is the proof that the quality of ""Tomioka Silk"" is still intact.
Concept: "IKI and IKI: the spirit and the style" that show the face of creators
Tomioka Silk Mill is a symbol of the dawn of modern industries in Japan. There was a great "IKI" that they will export Japanese silk to the world.

To support the "IKI", hundreds of female workers were gathered. Most of them were daughters of former Samurais and officials. They soon spread into all over the country to teach how to silk reel.
"IKI" is a traditional aesthetic sense of Japan. To be "IKI", you have to dress and behave in a sophisticated manner, as well as friendly and have a particular sex appeal.

Furthermore, "IKI" means to be full of human warmth. "Tomioka Silk Brand Collection" is not only transparent but full of human warmth.
Development theme We support a rich lifestyle filled with silk.
Our collection products provide the quality of silk; "simplicity, warmth and elegance", and enrich your mood and joy when you use them.
Our purpose is to support realizing a rich lifestyle full of silk to "re-discover" how great silk is.
   Simple"… Natural (The beautiful appearance, the beauty of color)
   "Warmth"… Tenderness (Transparent production you can feel the creator's thoughts)
   Elegance… Comfort (Enrich your life to make it more fun)
Brand mark
Tomioka Silk Brand Certification Committee
The technique to make Japanese silk products is highly appreciated worldwide.Even if there must be consumers attached to pure domestic products, the present condition is that unfortunately we cannot say that the good quality of pure domestic products is widely understood yet. On the other hand, we think that industrial products made in Japan such as TV, camera and other home electric appliances are recognized for their good quality in comparison with products made overseas. At the same time, the meaning implied into the Tomioka Silk Brand is nothing but to make the consumer recognize our consideration for safety and security, through the quality of products made from material made, dyed and sewed in Japan, together with a reliable traceability in terms of planning and sale. It is the role of the Certification Committee to authenticate the product to its soul.