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Silk has a rich history, culture, and technology.

In the old times, it was common for people in Tomioka to plant mulberry trees and raise silkworms.Sericulture was highly popular in Tomioka and Tomioka Silk Mill was established in 1872 as the first government-operated silk mill in Japan.The biggest silk mill in the world constructed with red bricks fascinated everyone with its overwhelming presence.The clear stream of Kabura river flows next to this massive property,and Mt. Myogi towers over others with elegance. Paul Brunat, who was hired as the leader,was reminded of his hometown in France by this landscape.Skilled women were gathered all over the country to reel silk at the Tomioka Silk Mill.They were mesmerized by the Western building they've never seen and astonished by the French silk-reeling machines powered by steam engines.It looked as though it came straight out from a dream.Tomioka Silk Mill was one of the first to introduce Western and modern labor systems.The grading system that granted promotions with skill improvement was ground-breaking.First class female workers with big paychecks were the ideal of the working women.Only the first class female workers were allowed to wear red sashes and high heels.They were idolized and drawn in colored prints.After learning the necessary skills in Tomioka Silk Mill,these female workers returned home to begin teaching in new silk mills.Because of the skilled and hardworking female workers in Tomioka,silk became one of the main exports.Silk was exclusive to a handful of privileged people.It was the skill and spirit of Tomioka Silk Mill that introduced it to the people all over the world and enriched their lives and cultures.