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Workers behind the silk

Beautiful Japanese silk created by passionate silk makers fascinates the entire world

There is a rooted passion for silk in Tomioka.There are people who call silkworms Okosama (child) and, raise them with great care.Silkworms grow up eating mulberry leaves with love from the farmers They produce beautiful cocoons as if they are returning that love."There's no excuse because Okosama is very honest."If you don't cut corners, you can expect a good result Yes, it depends on love."There are pride and confidence in the voices of the farmers who have been preserving this technique through the generations.Tomioka Silk is a special textile that carries the love and warmth of its makers.They want to see it through to the end because of the care that they have put in it."Everyone supports us. That's why I can do my best."Okosama gives us a great cocoon when our hearts connect."Appreciate the touch of purely local Tomioka Silk produced by Okosama and the people with gratitude to the Tomioka nature