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Silk with the quality that was critically acclaimed in the West

Silkworm disease broke out all over Europe in the mid-19th century. Lyon in France with an active silk industry was no exception.What rescued them were the Japanese silkworms.They were resistant to the disease and produced high-quality silk.Lyon silk industry recovered by importing silks and silkworms from Japan.Lyon was able to preserve its haute couture and advanced silk techniques and make progress as a city of art. By the end of Meiji era, silk produced in Tomioka Silk Mill was exported to many countries including the United States, and Japan became the top silk exporter in the world.Japanese silk mills were able to mass produce and gained popularity for its durability and quality. Furthermore, the demand for silk stockings rose in the West, especially the United States, due to an economic boom after World War I and gained popularity among the working women.Japanese silk contributed to the world fashion culture after receiving critical acclaims in Western countries.