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Frequently Asked Questions (Q&A)

Q1. What is the type of silkworm being bred?

It is an original type from Gunma called Gunma 200.

Q2. What do the silkworms eat?

They eat mulberry leaves.
Today artificial food has been developed, and silkworms are generally given this artificial food before being distributed to silk farmers.

Q3. Does the cocoon holders have to be stood upright?

It is not obligatory, but if it is laid on top of the farming container, there is a possibility of bacteria attaching on the silkworms below when the silkworms excrete before producing silk. When laying down the cocoon holders,
please do so without making any space below.

Q4. What should be done with the leftover artificial feed?

We ask you to please dispose them at home.

Q5. What should be done with the removed fuzz?

We ask to have the fuzz around the cocoons (silk produced by silkworms as a footing to make the cocoon) brought to the municipal office or the community center after removing the cocoons from the cocoon holders.
We will utilize any unnecessary fuzz at Tomioka Silk Mill if it is returned with the cocoons.

Q6. When can the cocoons be removed from the cocoon holder?

Normally it is 8-11 days after cocoons start to be created. (manual P9, cf. 8-②)
It may differ slightly depending on the season.
Spring silkworm around 11 days/summer silkworm around 8 days/late autumn silkworms around 10 days

Q7. Can artificial feed give with being cold?

Do not have any problem. But when artificial feed gets wet, you take moisture, and please give (manual P6, cf. point ②).

Q8. How should we submit cocoon?

We put cocoon which did shumayu (syuken) in the net, and we touch, and I would like name card in collection box of each Tomioka Government building, Myougi Government building, city public hall.
Collection box is installed early from cocoon presentation day of manual, but please hand to the staff of each facility directly when box is not installed.
When house is far, please mail to Myougi Government building.

Q9. When I want to mail cocoon, what should I do?

Enter net, and cocoon which did shumayu (syuken) touches name card, and you pack, and please send to Myougi Government building (when cocoon enters envelope, even as for the envelope, possible).
[address] 〒 370-2411 1206, Myogimachikamitakata, Tomioka-shi, Gunma