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Tomioka Silk gallery

The beauty, softness and comfort of Silk ...
A space conveying the charm and possibilities of Tomioka Silk opened inside the East Cocoon Warehouse, Tomioka Silk Mill.
Display corner
Selected silk fabrics such as a silk tapestry born from Tomioka raw silk and weaving techniques from Lyon, a furoshiki wrapping cloth by S.SHOBEY offered as a souvenir for the G8 summit held at Toya lake, Hokkaido, on July 2008, and a Tomioka Silk Mill color woodblock tapestry made with traditional picture weaving technique are exhibited here.
Sale corner
You can purchase selected silk products making the best use of silk essence from original neckties and “Akebono” silk organdie from TOMIOKA SILK Premium Collection, to accessories such as book cover and necktie strap made with picture weaving technique (we deliver in all Japan).