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About plan offer of 2018 Tomioka Silk brand certification product

 We inherit tradition and the history of "Tomioka Silk", and Tomioka Silk Brand Council plans improvement of value and assumes that it revives and joins silk industry of Japan together in the next generation basic idea.
 We aim at creation of new value to concentrate the skill with intellect of company and people working on the making of product with passion, and to contribute to Japanese superior manufacturing and recruit plan products using Tomioka Silk.
Application summary
●Application condition
Please confirm the following attached "certification plan product application essential point".

●Theme of application
"We enjoy this theme with silk". We are more immediate and, in daily life, do silk with product to be able to enjoy casually from child to adult.

●[How to apply]
・Please send proposal and dossier and sample product (the subject matter does not matter.) to the Tomioka Silk Brand Certification Committee secretariat.
※As a general rule, we do not return application, sample product. When you hope for return about sample product, please report.

・Please request from the Tomioka Silk Brand Certification Committee secretariat whether application paper has you download from the following.
Application period
From Tuesday, April 24, 2018 to Sunday, June 10, 2018
Presentation, reference
The person in charge of Tomioka City, Department of the World Heritage Division of the Tomioka Silk Mill Strategy silk brand
 The Tomioka Silk Brand Certification Committee secretariat
 1-1, Tomioka, Tomioka-shi, Gunma
 TEL: 0274-64-0005/Fax: 0274-64-3181
Related files
Application, please submit style first and applicant summary book.
icon_pdf.gif 2 Tomioka Silk brand concept [pdf] (260.03KB)
icon_doc.gif 3 style first H30 year [docx] (17.75KB)
icon_pdf.gif Flow [pdf] (378.5KB) of 5 certification systems

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