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[this event is over] About Planned Recruitement of Tomioka Silk Brand Certificated Products

 Domestic silk thread, silk business which supported Tomioka Silk Mill is pushed to low-priced article from foreign countries and traced course of the decline, but Tomioka Silk which ticked away the name in the history after the world heritage registration of Tomioka Silk Mill will attract big again attention.
 Taking this occasion, Tomioka Silk Brand Certification Committee which Tomioka Silk Brand Council launched recruits products of attractive silk based on certification standard.
 We issue "Tomioka Silk platinum mark" to prove that the committee watches from the viewpoint of design and originality characteristics to accepted product and admitted as particularly superior thing.
 The meeting guarantees consumers production center and quality of silk and, by the spread of Tomioka Silk brand certification products, acts for branding promotion of "Tomioka Silk" and the succession of Japanese silk thread silk culture and development and is intended that we plan local sericulture promotion.
Application summary
●Application condition
Please confirm the following attached "certification plan product application essential point".

●[Application method]
・Please send proposal and dossier and sample product (the subject matter does not matter.) to the Tomioka Silk Brand Certification Committee secretariat.
※As a general rule, we do not return application, sample product. When you hope for return about sample product, please report.

・Please request from the Tomioka Silk Brand Certification Committee secretariat whether application paper has you download from the following.
Application period
From Monday, May 1, 2017 to Saturday, June 10, 2017
(on June 10, 2017, this offer was finished. We appreciate your applying.)
Presentation, reference
The person in charge of Tomioka City, Department of the World Heritage Division of the Tomioka Silk Mill Strategy silk brand
 The Tomioka Silk Brand Certification Committee secretariat
 1-1, Tomioka, Tomioka-shi, Gunma
 TEL: 0274-64-0005/Fax: 0274-64-3181
Related files
Application, please submit style first and applicant summary book.
icon_doc.gif 3 style first [docx] (17.73KB)
icon_pdf.gif Flow [pdf] (226.01KB) of 5 certification systems

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